Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Better with Two

Today was gorgeous. Spring-like weather in February, a mile into the run my coat was tied around my waist. Today I ventured out with a friend for a 6 mile loop through some of the most beautiful countryside (I think) in the Berkshires. This run had it all, rolling hills, flat stretches bordering cornfields, shaded areas, brooks, and farmland, complete with a flock of geese crossing the road. The geese would have been featured as the stars of this post had my cell camera not been full. Running with a friend keeps me motivated, not only to get started, but to keep going. Neither of us had run this distance in a while, and I know I had my doubts, but most of it went by with conversation and scenery. We passed a farm, home to a large flock of sheep, and stopped for a moment to say hi to the babies. With temperatures in the high 40's, this was a perfect late winter loop. I got my vitamin D and had the time to catch up with a friend.

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